Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kentucky Fried Sound

I was at the counter of a KFC. I was about to order my meal when the voice came into my head.
Someone was yelling at the clerk at the counter, was it me?

"Sir, can I take your order?"

"Yes, of course. I'll have the buffet."

"That will be $6.95 sir."

I payed her and took my cup, plate and tray. Three seconds later a man was yelling at her.
It was the voice in my head.

Next Post is a clip from my movie Violent Candy.


chrome3d said...

At least you had a lot of people there to share your meal.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Great to get back to reading your stories after nearly a week so busy I never opened my blog at all... just a quick look at emails from time to time. The Wizard Club sounds a great place to meet your lovely lady. Hope your noisy voices did not upset the KFC staff.

Robert A Vollrath said...

I heard the future about three second before it happen. Just one voice that repeated itself in the real world after I heard it in my head.