Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Heaven's a Joke

"Heaven's a Joke" was my first attempt at a one act play and my second short movie script.

Renamed "Two Jews and a Pagan" for comic effect, this script will be cast tonight at the 7:30 PM meeting of the Kansas City Coalition of Independent Filmmakers. First the actors will read the script later this month in a public setting and then it will be filmed for the second time.

I won't be directing this movie but my good friend Maia Brown will do a fine job as both an actor and director.


Jeef said...

Robert! Great meeting you tonight! I loved hearing about your sreen plays and getting aquainted with you.

The "astronaut" story sounds like a great idea!!! I loved the story line you gave. A profound, emotionally moving, suspenseful drama! My kind of movie...and isnpirational!

Inspiration is one of the main reasons why I love acting so much. To be honest with you, when I figured out that inspiring people through the medium of film and motion pictures, was my purpose in life, passion became a whole new and completely different thing for me. I didn't get a chance to tell you this, but I am very passionate about acting! I could tell through our short conversation, that writing and doing what you love to do is something you are very passionate about!

Hope we can work together soon! Oh...and you will have to come to some of my movie premiers this year. I am going to have several. I will keep you posted.

Just a couple more things...I know it really isn't appropriate to be writing what I am writing here on your blog. I should have asked for an email address. Oh yeah...just wanted to remind you to send me part of the script you mentioned that you wanted me to read.

My email address:

I am assuming that you may not want to publish my comment to your blog...especially my email address, but it is to your discretion.


Jeff Staab

Robert A Vollrath said...

I couldn't help but publish this as it is the best post I've gotten on this blog.

I did a sketch of you from your photograph and wrote about finding my astronaut on my blog Atomic Toy Spaceship. You can see a few concept drawings and models for the movie on that blog.

I can't promise anything at this point but I would like you to read the script as a work in progress.

I want to get the script and all the props, costumes and sets done before I pitch the movie to a producer and director.

I'm turning a short story from a post from May on this blog into a script. I think you would be great for the lead on that movie.

The story is called
The Frankenstein Effect.

This unreal true story is from my own life when the left half of my body was paralyzed from an accidental drug overdose in a hospital. I will direct this one and you can have the part if you want it.

I'll bring that script with the ATS script at the next meeting.

Thanks for the great comment.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Just gone through all your posts I missed whilst away and have every faith in you that you will success with your novel - story line sounds right up my street and can't wait to read your very special style with words - and your film work is developing. Don't give in, don't give up - Man you are flying!

Robert A Vollrath said...

Thanks Joan

I read your last post about your trip to Italy. I was too tired to leave a comment but I'll get back to that soon.

Your comments on my blog always push the novel forward:)

Jeffrey said...

Thanks Robert! I am grateful!!! I guess I should proof read my comments a little better. Noticed a few typos that I left behind. I sopmetimes think faster than I can type. It is one of the effects of my brain working faster than I can keep up. It is also related to the effects severe studdarring when I was a boy that lasted until I was about a junior in high school.

Anyway, I have set up a blog of my own and haven't done anything with just yet. I am working on so many things at the moment. I have been renovating the inside of my parents new home since October and it has litterally been like going through labor for a woman I guess. When will it ever end. Well, I have just about completed all the renovations that "I" want to complete at this juncture. My parents will have to settle for all the little details to be completed on a progresive evolutionary process. I feel like I have been locked inside a room with a paint brush for 5 months and I am just dying to get some fresh air. It's like the right side of my brian shuts down everytime I work on the house.

I will immediately go to your other blogs and check them out. You have so many and I am running out of time before they put another straight jack on me and toss me in that room again with the paint brush. Imagine trying to paint with a straight jacket on. That is what this renovation has been like for me.

My parents are very much like the movie "About Schmidt," except that my mother has never had an affair, with anyone! And, my father is a very self made man. Not the salesman type, but very anal about the way he does things. The whole stale relationship portrayed in the movie is just so my parents. I love them to death and they so entertain me like you wouldn't believe!!!

Look forward to seeing Next week!



PS...I didn't proof read this! Oh and by the way, most of my acting buddies call me "Jeef." There is a story behind it.

Robert A Vollrath said...

Thanks again Jeef

I took down the sketch and post about meeting you on the Atomic Toy Spaceship blog as I feared it was more than over the top.

I smiled when I read about your parents as I'm the caretaker for my 80 year old mom and dad.

I'm the king of typos so don't worry about it.

I tried to email you the first part of the script Atomic toy Spaceship but I couldn't get through so I'll bring it next meeting of the IFC.