Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not the Invisble Jet?

If you've read this post for a while you have read I can do some strange things with my imagination. I call it "editing reality" and I guess it's some kind of self induced reality.

I can live with this part of my imagination and even the waking nightmares I get on long road trips without sleep but on rare moments in my life I've seen things disappear that couldn't disappear.

I went to an Air Show a few weeks ago and saw a B-2 bomber up close and no longer believe I saw it years before turn completely invisible.

If you are new to this blog you should know that I had a car wreck in 1975 that changed my view of reality in many strange, wonderful and terrible ways.


teapotshappen said...

What do you think about it now?

Robert A Vollrath said...

I think it was some kind of feedback from my imagination that helps me deal with stress.

I've had two other times I've seen things not be there.

I couldn't see an ex-girlfriend at a film festival I was at. I saw a empty chair where she was.

I couldn't see my heavy and large TV once for a few second. I've never watched as much TV since then.

"What is reality"?, is a question I ask myself every day.