Monday, January 4, 2010

The Long Secret

Why don't we tell the truth. It takes too long to tell the whole truth. People we'll think we're lying when we tell the truth. Let's be polite and lie.

In 1976 a eye doctor told me I had lost some of my vision in my left eye. It was forever, I would never get it back. I had been in a car wreak and had broke the steering wheel off with my face.
I didn't tell my parents about my missing vision until December of 2009 when the doctor was wrong and I got my vision back with a simple wish.

I was going to drive my Grand Daughter to see the movie "The Princess and the Frog".

"How can risk the life of my sweet Grand Daughter with my bum eye?"

I now look back on this with guilt for I had risked the life of everyone on the roads I traveled with my bum eye for all those years.

"I wish I could have full vision in my left eye to drive my Grand Daughter to the movies."

My vision in my left eye expanded. The Unselfish Wish more powerful than any prayer in my life.

Why did I keep my broken vision a secret all those years?

I talked to my ex-wife and she said I told her. I had forgotten that, so the long secret wasn't as secret as I thought. April 11th 2010.

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