Sunday, January 3, 2010


My feature length movie script has mutated.

Three of my main characters were to be Jehovah Witnesses. This concept no longer worked in the larger context of the story and the characters became more secular. I move forward.


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Loved the news of the script moving on - page 63 sounds like progress to me. Well, who wants
t-h-r-e-e Jehovias witnesses anyway - they usually come to the door in pairs round here.

Had an email from a friend some months ago with an article written with lots of letters missed out of each word by a University study group on language - and guess what? - our brain was able to decipher every word with absolutely no problem. - so who cares about spelling now-a-days.

Every great success for 2010 wished to you from your English pearl. What every happened to her story???

Robert A Vollrath said...

I wanted to do a movie that showed Jehovah Witnesses in a positive light because of their stand against Nazis in World War Two but I found this concept didn't fit the story I was writing.

Reading is no problem as I'm a natural born speed reader but writing is a nightmare even with spell check.

On Rose Pearl and the Grandfather Green Tie novels I put those on hold until I live by myself. As caretaker for my 80 year old parents I found writing in a new long form (I never written a novel before) was next to impossible. My parents need something every few minutes and art and writing project suffer because of this.

I am redesigning the Rose Peal legs as I work on script in my head. I hope to have my first draft done soon so I can finish your painting and send it across the pond:)