Thursday, January 7, 2010

Page 70 & 71, the end of the beginning

I'm over half way to the finish line with my script. I know the length of the script now, 140 pages.

The Avatar script was 272 pages long (I'm not sure if this was the screenplay or the shooting script). If this number refers to what I call the screenplay then the script of my feature will be a 132 pages shorter than James Cameron's epic.

Does page count matter? It matters between a movie made with millions of dollars and a movie made with a few million dollars.

In the middle of the script is the most negative part of my story. I read about two other famous movies that used a similar plot device. One of those movies was accused of being resposible for inspiring teenage boys to kill themselves. I made changes to my script. I'm still telling the story I want but I'm making the script less negative. I have a better, safer and shorter scene.

Even in writing you must do the right thing.

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