Monday, January 4, 2010

The Running Gag

I'm going to try to write something everyday on this blog for the next few weeks. I'm sorry I have no photos but I no longer have a scanner and my digital camera is broken.

I'm working several running gags into my script. Is a running gag funny? Bacon is a running gag in my script. Some people think donuts are funny but I think bacon is very funny. I'm finding it very hard to write about my script without saying anything about it.

Maybe I should write about my third black void vision where I predicted the past (I saw a burning building with four bodies hanging from a support beam). No that's just too weird.

I'm writing a drama or a comedy, I'm not quite sure. I know there is a bicycle race in the movie that is fixed by the hero. Well it's not a movie yet, it's just a script, well it's not just a script it's a great script. Do I have a ego problem?

What the script is really about is riverboats of different scales. I was going to write about the Human Soul being a Scientific Fact but that is just to far out for most people.

I really hate getting raw bacon or should I say undercooked bacon, don't you?


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Where does bacon come into this story?? Over here it usually goes with eggs - then of course you can add fried bread etc etc. I'm beginning to feel as mad as a hatter (the March hare from Alice in Wonderland of course). Is it your influence of 'writing about the script without writing about the script' - which makes perfect sense. I must stop rattling on.

Are you past page 63 yet??

Did not realise you act as carer to your elderly parents - can't be easy having inspirational thoughts continuously interrupted.

Look forward to more news of lovely ROSE PEARL.

chrome3d said...

I always thought bacon was not for me so I can´t really answer that. Bacon is not a big thing in these parts of the world.

Robert A Vollrath said...

I eat breakfast with my father and he orders bacon. If the bacon comes back undercooked all hell breaks loose.

It's not funny in the real world but it might be funny in my script.