Friday, March 13, 2009

What Do I Know?

"You don't know that!"

"I can't prove it but I know it to be true. For one man to steal billions of dollars is an impossible fantasy. He would need more than a few members of his family to pull off this massive fraud.
He must be the spearhead of a white collar crime organization with thousands of members."

"Admit you don't know that! You only think that!"

"I admit I can't prove what I say by any standard you will believe but still my knowledge of the body politics says otherwise."

My Father and I fell into argument about a man that went to prison for fraud.

Then the rest of my family began to mock me. Laughing at me for saying I had knowledge they didn't. I could have lied and said I knew less about how corrupt the world is but I'm tired of the lies. I'm so tired of hearing the lies and so very tired of repeating the lies.

What do I know? In truth very little. What I do know, I can't prove.

I love comic books. Bored with the early reading books of first grade (See Dick Run) I read and enjoyed the art of the Fantastic Four by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. I learned to read with those comic books. I have never believed in the fantasy of comic books, not even as a small child.

I do not believe in Super Heroes or Super Villains.

Bernard Madoff is America's Super Villain in this news cycle but in truth he is just a man that is less corrupt than most of the men that are carved on Mount Rushmore.

Nadya Suleman or better know by her Super Villain name Octomom is a record breaking woman that is no better or worst than those that helped her break that record.

Lets not forget the Super Hero of a recent news cycle, C.B. Sullenberger and his miracle landing on the Hudson River. A good man that did his job with nerves of steel.

President Obama is a Super Hero or Super Villain to many. He has the same failings as all those seeking power. To get power to fight corruption you must become corrupt and then fight your own ego to bring change. I hope good will come out of his Presidency.

My point is that we live in a comic book reality painted in bright colors by a media that has no reason to search for the truth. People want heroes and villains.

I went and saw the Watchman movie. A political fantasy wrapped in a super hero cape.
As I sat and watched this candy coated piece of propaganda I wondered if our world media was any different than the fantasy before me. Altered history with heroes, villains and a political truth more important than the truth.

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