Monday, March 2, 2009

Lucid Dreaming

I was taught Lucid Dreaming by my son Mark Vollrath when he was six years old in 1986.
He taught me how to fly in my dreams.

"Dad, do you ever fly in your dreams?"

"No, I've always wanted to but I've never had that type of dream."

"Oh Dad you've got to fly in your dreams it's the best. When you go to sleep think of me and I'll teach you how to fly in your dreams."

That night six year old Mark came to me in my dream with a ball of kite string.

"Hello Dad, this is a dream and I'm going to teach you to fly."

Mark tied the end the kite string around one of my shirt buttons and then ran away from me letting the ball of string unroll in his hand. A strong wind blew on me as Mark grabbed the string.
High in the air I rode the wind being pulled by a kite string in my young son's hands.

"Don't be scared Dad, I'm cutting the string. It's a dream and you can fly in it."

I flew like Superman and awoke from the dream laughing.

Years later my then wife left me and I began to have Night Terrors, Nightmares times ten.
The Night Terrors would always play out the same way, I would be having a peaceful dream and would be attacked by a hellish demon born out of the darkest corner of my imagination.

The worst Night Terror was a black orb that would rip me apart with four claw like legs. I would jump out of bed screaming looking for a knife to cut the creature from my chest. The bed room door was jammed and the creature in my mind was clinging to my torso, cutting deeper into my flesh. I was trying to get to the kitchen to get a knife to kill the creature when I heard a pounding on the bedroom door and woke up.

"Dad wake up you're having a nightmare. The monster you're seeing isn't real."

My son Mark had saved me from getting a knife and hurting myself in my sleep.

A few weeks later Mark told me about a book he had read on Lucid Dreaming.
I never had a Nightmare or Night Terror at home again using the knowledge Mark had given me.

I didn't learn how to defeat waking dreams (hallucinations) on long road trips until last year.

I simply turned any negative vision into a positive one.

In January of this year I woke myself from sleep paralysis for the first time using Lucid Dreaming.

Last night I put myself to sleep by using Lucid Dreaming, another first for me.

I have never read a book or article about Lucid Dreaming. Everything I know about Lucid Dreaming I've learned from my oldest son Mark and my own imagination.

My "Then Wife" called me the day after this post and told me she had been able to Lucid Dream for many years. I was married to her for 18 years and never knew this about her. As I'm writing this now I realize I never told her I cold Lucid Dream either. I wonder why we never talked about this?


chrome3d said...

That is a fascinating topic. I have been thinking about it too but the dreams have been enough for me as they are so far.

Your custom flags look really great.

Robert A Vollrath said...

Thanks for the comment.

I'll be writing about brain trauma and lucid dreaming next week.

I'll be reworking some of the flags after I finish my world map in brighter colors.

Désirée said...

Who long did it take you to learn? I've tried this since you mentioned it last and I haven't been very successful.

иidhi S said...

Great Post.

--- You have done an amazing job, with the Flags. :)

Robert A Vollrath said...

To Desiree

I was able to Lucid Dream the first time I tried and every time I've tried. I think some people can do this process easier than others.

I've only taught Lucid Dreaming to one person. The last woman I dated in 2008 (Patty)was having Night Terrors and I taught her Lucid Dreaming to end her bad dreams.

I was going to wait a week to post another Lucid Dream story but I think I'll write my next post on how I get into a Lucid Dream state.

Robert A Vollrath said...

To nidhi S

Thanks for the comment. The flags are a work in progress and I plan to add more flags to three of my other blogs.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Seems you have an incredible son there Robert, even at the age of 6 they can teach us so much. Look forward to the teaching post on Lucid Dreams.

Robert A Vollrath said...

Many people who have meet my son Mark for the first time have called him the oldest soul they ever meet.

Raising a son that is smarter than you isn't easy. Many times I felt my son Mark was raising me.

My next post was going to be about How to do Lucid Dreaming, as you see I took a little side trip.

For the first time today I started reading about Lucid Dreaming and found I disagree with much of the writing about the subject.

I think I did the right thing in self learning and staying away from other views on the subject til I pushed as far as I thought I could go without sharing what I have learned on my own.