Thursday, March 5, 2009

How to Lucid Dream

You own your dreams they do not own you. You can stop yourself from having nightmares, night terrors, sleep walking and many other sleep and mind-body problems. I know this to be true because I have done this in my own life.

If you are having Nightmares or Night Terrors do not fear your sleep. The cure for those bad dreams are in your sleep. If you are a very rational person this process will be harder for you.
If you believe in only what is known you are at a disadvantage in Lucid Dreaming.

If you choose to Lucid Dream, you will rewiring your mind. Rewiring your mind using the tool of imagination is much safer than using drugs. I do not believe in illegal drugs. I have never been drunk in my life and I no longer go to parties because of the free floating drugs in the air.

Do not Lucid Dream under the influence of drugs. You must be Lucid first to have a Lucid Dream. This is my opinion and I believe a psychedelic experience is a very different animal.
I have never had an illegal psychedelic drug induced experience but I have had one legal one.

I was given gas for oral surgery and had a terrible psychedelic vision because of this gas.
I have also done many imagination experiments and one of those drug free experiments induced a three day psychedelic vision. This break down of the mind in fractal terms has nothing to do with Lucid Dreaming.

To Lucid Dream you must calm the mind. Quiet and darkness is best for this in most people but I have had Lucid Dreams in bright sunshine as I slept on the bow of a moving speed boat.

In the twilight between sleep and reality tell yourself what you want to dream and that you will know that you are dreaming when you see or hear a marker you've given yourself in your dream. Remember Lucid Dreaming is about building up your mind and not about breaking down your mind. Use Lucid Dreaming as a positive force in your life and not a negative one.

Lucid Dreaming is symbolic and the marker you use to tell yourself that you are in a dream should be a symbol that has meaning to you. I use Lucid Dreams to work on scripts and books in my dreams. I also use Lucid Dreams to fight my greatest enemy in my life, my anger.

My first marker is my Grand Daughter doing something magical and my second marker is my Grand Son climbing something that is impossibly high. I don't need these imagination tools but I have them in case my bad dreams return.

You just can't hope to have a Lucid Dream, you must believe you will have a Lucid Dream.

There are many books and articles on Lucid Dreaming and I suggest you look into these to expand your knowledge on the subject. I have been reading about Lucid Dreams for three days now. I accomplished all my goals I set for myself with Lucid Dreaming and feel it is time to read other views on the subject.

I started a new blog called the Lucid Dream Machine to record my controlled dreams.

When I Lucid Dream I don't try to control the whole dream as I will wake up if I do that.
My first dream marker was my son Mark Vollrath. Until my Grandchildren were born I used both my sons as dream markers. Mark is my six year dream marker and Micheal is my three year old dream marker.

With an ability to Lucid Dream you can put an end to your nightmares. After gaining some skill with Lucid Dreaming, think about your nightmare as you go to sleep. When you have that nightmare turn the thing you fear most into something silly. I like to turn monsters into flower petals in a strong wind and watch them blow away.


Désirée said...

This sounds so interesting.

As you say, it will be difficult for me, beeing too rational. But I'll keep trying.

You seem to be an exceptional open minded person. You would probably be able to walk on water if you tried.

Robert A Vollrath said...

I don't think you can be too rational. One of the reasons I like your blog is because of your rational way of looking at writing.

Being open minded is both a blessing and a curse. I am terrible at business because I try to be too fair and always end up cheating myself. On the positive side I fear no evil. Replacing hate/fear with love/pity in my mind's heart I can deal with some very negative things in a positive way.

I can only walk on water in my dreams.

Désirée said...

You have a point there. I suppose all gifts/talents could be both a blessing and a curse.

Stephen Fry has this bipolar disorder and on his peaks he is creative with an energy that is almost onlikely and at the bottom of the valley he could just as much jump infront of a train.

When it comes to dreaming I decided I wanted to walk in the mountains. I drove over them in a malfunctioning spaceship... Close, but no cigar.

Robert A Vollrath said...

My evolving belief systems changes very fast and I no longer believe anything in my life is a curse.

I have blessings and challenges.
Challenges are future lessons in imagination.

I was Bi-polar from 1965 to 2008.
Did I outgrow the disorder or learn to control my imagination with my imagination. The blur between mind and body is coming into focus for me.

You saw the mountains in your dream so you are very close.
Did you know you were dreaming?
As a rational person you must know that you own your dreams and can control those dreams.

I would have fixed the spaceship and landed that same ship. I would then simple opened the hatch and gone for a walk in the mountains.

You don't want to control the whole dream just the parts you need to get the desired outcome.