Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Photos

See the above photo with my son, I'm happy in that photo.

Now look at the photos for "Its none of your business?" and "Why not sue me?"posts.

I'm just as happy in those two photos. They are bad pictures because I was taking the pictures myself. I look angry in those photos but I'm not. The photos were taken months before I wrote those posts. I saved those photos for an angry post but I wasn't angry when I wrote those posts. I knew part of my blog would be censored someday as it has been in the past.

I thought when I was hacked through a link that part of my blog would be gone. I waited till I was happy to write those angry posts. Why? To prove a point. You can't trust the media, mine or anyone else. Every word in those two posts were true but my photos and my mood while writing those posts was a lie.

I was angry when I thought up the post for "Its none of your business" but not when I wrote it. I don't write when I'm angry anymore, even if I am a better speller when I'm angry.

Its hard to find the truth in a world full of propaganda.

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