Saturday, March 19, 2011

Imagination is the Key to the Soul

I believe in Time Travel, Mind Reading and Group Minds.

No, I have no proof.

I am a sceptic of myself.

As a child I was given an IQ test. I did very poorly on that test getting a very low number but the man that gave be the test did not think I was retarded because of one part of the test. I got a perfect score on one part of that IQ test.

1863, a year of burning hell as I watch four people hang from a burning ruins.

I am a scribe and am full of joy as the electricty in the air makes the hair on my arms stand on end. I breath in the fog of the Gods belching from the three pyramids. The Gods walk among us as the seeds of dogma mix with the air born drugs.

I watch an electric jet plane fly over my house with my oldest son. In that moment I know that the Air Force is flying planes with atomic reactors.

I sleep in the cool green pyramids of a future Earth.

What was that part of the IQ test that I scored a perfect score ?

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