Friday, March 18, 2011

Its None of your Business

I'm angry. I haven't been angry about anything in a very long time. I took a day off from writing, graphic novels and everything else. A family member wanted to know the name of the woman I went to see today.

"Its none of your business."

The family member got angry at me.

"What do you mean its none of my business?"

I made jokes about it but never answered the question.

I'm tired of the hate speech, the mean gossip and the ugly rumors. I'm tired of people who take such great joy in thinking the worst of me. I'm tired of small minded people with so much hate in their hearts trying to destroy my life.

Why not work on your own life? Why don't you look for the good in people?

I forgive you but I'm tired of playing your sick game.

Its none of your business.

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