Monday, March 21, 2011

Why Not Sue Me?

If I have slandered you or libeled you, why don't you sue me? Why do you hide behind mountains of money like cowards afraid of a few words on a blog? I'm sure you could win in court just as I'm sure that someday you'll censor this post.

You own the police, the media and the courts. Is your house of cards so fragile that a few words on a blog could be a danger to you?

I would believe that this is just a paranoid fantasy that I created in my own imagination but your actions keep proving the truth of a few words on a blog.

To the man that tried to put me in prison on false assault charges, I still bank at one of the banks owned by your family.

To the man that owns the property a city landmark sits on and can no longer get as much corporate welfare as he once did, I still buy your holiday products.

To the woman that may or may not have had two union goons chase me across the city of my birth, I still believe in unions.

Why not sue me?

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