Saturday, February 6, 2010

From Pain to New Vision

I have shingles and worst I got shingles in my left eye in 2003. The most painful sickness ever to bless me. For I believe the shingles in my eye regrew nerves that gave me back full vision in that half blind orb. A simple wish triggered the nerves to start working again.

The doctor told me I could go blind in that eye and the opposite happened:)


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Hi Robert - I had shingles just once half way round my waistline and boy did it irritate. To have in one's eye seems unbelievable but what a miracle. Is it brought on by your commitment to the script and your fears it won't get complete in time??
Thanks for the lovely story of meeting up with your actress friend again.

Robert A Vollrath said...

I don't really know if the shingles had anything to do with my vision returning in my eye but I feel it was a combination of things. I don't understand what happened or how it could have happened.

I've meet none of my self imposed deadlines with my script (Not really my script as five people are involved in the creation of the script).

I had a small nervous breakdown trying to get the script done before my lead actress went to LA.

Now I'm trying to be more balanced and get back to other projects so I don't drive myself crazy focusing on only one thing.

I hadn't been to a party in years and I meet many old friends. So I'm going to try to connect with more people and stop being such a hermit.