Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blue Moon

I've been angry, disappointed and sad of late. I wanted to see a second American Moon Program but that isn't to be.

My feature length script is far from finished that I'm working on and I'm behind on many of my projects. I'm trying to connect with the local movie making community but I'm lacking energy, time and money to be part of that community and move forward on my own projects.

I need a finished feature movie to get funding for the feature length movie I want to do. I need to start shooting a series of short movies this year. I've signed three contracts with the options running out by the end of the year.

I'm going to make a feature length movie about a moonbase with a micro budget. No script and only two actors. No computer animation. I'm almost done with the moonbase model and have a secret location to shoot it in. Limited editing. Editing is what kills most of my projects so I'm doing in camera editing on multiple tapes and will pick the best of those tapes as the official version of the movie to edit from. No music as I can't pay for original music.

I'm only going to shoot four short movies this year. I'm going to be my own crew on each of these projects. This isn't what I want but this is more realistic way of making movies at this point in my life. I must eat some pride to get to the project I want to do in 2011.


Désirée said...

Don't despair.

Limitations could be a source for great inspiration and original ideas.

Some of the most well known scenes in movie history are a result of limitations of some sort or another.

Robert A Vollrath said...

Thanks Desiree

I've found a second actress to audition for "Walking the Graveyard" so I'm happy that project is moving forward. I'm shooting locations (still photos) today of the graveyard and house to send to you via email.

I just saw a possible space capsule for my science fiction movie "Moon Walking" (working title) in a piece of road side junk. So things are looking up.