Thursday, February 25, 2010

Locations for Walking the Graveyard

I haven't got permission to use the Graveyard and may not as shooting in a Cemetery is a touchy subject. I've been involved in two graveyard shoots, so I know the rules. Don't shot names on tombstones.

The house is my parents rental property and is the oldest house in town. I helped rebuild the house in the 1970's. My father and I pulled 10 layers of shingles off the roof. The last two layers were wood shingles with square nails. In rebuilding the roof I fell through a rotten board and had the tip of a rusty nail in my right leg for 30 years. My body finally rejected the piece of hundred plus year old square nail. So I carried part of this old house around with me for a time.

The two doll houses are going to be combined into one as a prop for the daughter's room.

Walking the Graveyard was written by Desiree Nordlund.
Three actors and three actresses will audition for the two roles.
Desiree Nordlund will make the final selection on the cast by video audition.


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Hi stranger. Just caught up with all your posts and thanks for all the info on your filming. Been so busy have not looked at blogs for nearly two weeks now. Just got back from looking after the girls and making a start with my favourites blog roll. Could not help saying out loud 'ouch' over that roof nail incident.

Désirée said...

I hope you get permission to shoot at that graveyard. It is a beautiful place.

It will be so exciting to see the house turned into the man's home.

Robert A Vollrath said...

Hi Joan
An update on your painting is next on this blog. On the roof nail incident was a strange bit of my life:)

Robert A Vollrath said...

Hello Desiree
I plan to call tomorrow to ask permission for the graveyard shoot.

I started to transform the house today.