Friday, February 5, 2010

A Wink and a Heart Attack

I went to Charlotte's farewell party last night and I saw many faces I knew. Charlotte is a wonderful actress and is going to LA to work as crew on a big budget movie.

The tall thin woman by the entrance to the bar looked like someone I should know but I couldn't connect her face to a time and place much less a name.

"I'm Caroline, a wink and a heart attack , remember?"

Then it came back to me. The last time I acted. I'm not a actor but I'll do a cameo now and then.
We were in a music video together. I was at the bar when she gave me a wink and I fell over dead from a heart attack. It was a fun shoot.

Photo copyright Caroline Bahner
Used with her permission.

The above photo is of Caroline Bahner.
I am hoping to use Caroline in several short movie projects in the near future.

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