Monday, June 30, 2008


My last post of June 2008. My crude sketches of the 17 illustrations for my children's book.
Too violent and a weak story are problems to overcome in future versions of this story.
I think I was wrong to have Grandpa knocked out by the robot. Having Grandpa hang by one arm and his tie/cape was also a mistake. The robot will have a motivation in the next version as 'his' programing will be to protect the wild flowers and he wanders out of the park that boarders Grandpa's farm. The Pear Tree will play a larger role in the next version of this tale.


Lottery Girl said...

I like the way this is developing--the sketches are looking terrific already!

Robert A Vollrath said...

Thanks Lottery Girl

Starting July 4th, I'm going to post each piece of art with concept art for the next version of the story.

I'm working on concepts for the Wildflower Robot. I like the original design so I don't think I'll change too much.