Friday, February 25, 2011

The Left Eye

I awoke from the dream with new vision. My left eye was in two worlds at the same time. I heard a "pop" as the cosmic white zero vanished in a blink of my left eye. The cosmic white zero was my peep hole into that other universe. What did I see?

Strange alien life? A better world? No, just the ceiling of a bedroom, the same as the ceiling of the bedroom I grew up in.

That other bedroom was that of a 17 year old boy who died so many years ago. It was a shrine to a dead son, an only child. The house was sad as the old couple had no grand children or great grand children. A drawing table was in that room with no one to draw on it.

I got out of bed and half remembered a dream that wasn't a dream. Did I have a right to reach out my mind to hers. I know her only by words and yet I know she will be a great writer. I try to forget the dream that isn't a dream.

I get out of bed and my left eye feels strange. My vision in this very tiny universe is larger in that left eye than my right eye. This is impossible because my until a few months ago I was half blind in this eye. I get a book and read a few pages without my reading glasses.

Is the universe trying to tell me something? I'll see if my projected dream had an effect on the river of time. I'll write a post about the dream called Echo Vision. If I get the right comment then I'll write a post about my Left Eye.

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