Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Don't Believe In Fortune Cookies

A report on the local TV news said over half the people in my county are snowed in. I've lucked out as I parked in the drive way and most of the snow drifted around my car. The snow plows came and carved out the snow behind my car. I had very little snow to shovel and almost all the snow blew off my car while I saw big pickup trucks buried in giant drifts.

I got paid today in my toy business and after putting some money in the bank, I went out and ate Chinese food. I left the Fortune Cookie on the table as I hate to waste time reading the paper strips in the things and I really hate eating the so called cookie.

"Sir, you've left the Fortune Cookie on the table."

Said a young woman who had waited on me.

"Keep it, I don't believe in Fortune Cookies."

Every wish I've made, I've been granted. I wished my car wouldn't be covered in snow. Who needs luck?

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