Friday, February 25, 2011

Echo Vision

Greetings from the Broken Mirror Universe. I just awoke from a dream and my left eye seemed to pop back to this Universe with a cosmic white zero printed on my eye. For a moment I could see into the Dualverse with that left eye.

December 14, 1975 is when the Dualverse was created. I had a car wreak or two car wreaks at the same time that split a Universe in half or doubled it. A fantasy of a broken mind? Do souls generate life or does life generate souls. Is life heaven or hell for souls?

In one Universe I die and my parents only child is no more. I am not the husband of Jackie Allen and my sons are never born. My beloved grand children don't know life in this barren Universe. Mark Funkhouser doesn't become mayor of Kansas City Missouri for he didn't investigate Union Station Kansas City for a year. There is no employee at Union Station to voice concern and talk to a former Mayor of Kansas City about the dangers there.

The movie "Begging for Billionaires" is never made. The movie "Playing with Fire" is never made. The movie "Walking the Graveyard" is never made.

Fewer hearts are broken in that other Universe for I had but two girlfriends in that other mirror of my soul. What of that 17 year old soul trapped between life and death all these years. Do I owe him my life? It was his voice that warned me to put on a seat belt. Do I owe him my left arm? It was his voice that told me to go to the doctor before an infection took my left arm.

Do my visions come from a dead clone of my soul? Am I the clone in this Broken Mirror Universe?


Désirée said...

You know, Robert, sometimes you freak me out (is that the right expression?). No, I don't mean this in a negative way. I'm not affraid of freakness.

But it is interesting - and yes, somewhat scary - that I wrote what I wrote on my blog the same day that you wrote this.

Robert A Vollrath said...

That is the right expression.

Désirée said...

"If I get the right comment then I'll write a post about my Left Eye. "

I've wondered about this. What shall I write? I guess a comment that you freak me out was not quite what you hoped for, but gee, the timing was spooky.

I'm so curious about the "Left Eye" story. No matter how scary I might think your experiences are I'm fascinated and I want to know more.

I want to know more about things I don't understand.

Robert A Vollrath said...

Well, I don't understand anything anymore than anyone else. I wonder if I should even write these stories. Will they be used against someday?