Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturn Saturday; Chapter One

The plans of the balroc are the copyright of Tom Jolly 2000 and are used with permission. The Saturn photograph is from NASA.

He had used his life savings to buy a balroc. This wasn't a Tom Jolly as the balroc yachts were called but an old protest balroc. The ground crew pulled the whale shaped airship out of it's hanger. The solar thermal vertical balloon was shaped like a Blue Whale. Used in the last whaling protest on Earth it was no longer needed over the silent oceans of this world.

Grandpa was 112 years old and had never left Earth. He walked towards his family to say goodbye. The family all called him grandpa even his sons. He walked towards them in his Chinese made skin tight spacesuit and his Russian made space helmet held in the circle of his right arm. The thin armor plating that would protect him from micro-meteoroids and radiation was made in the United States.

More to come


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Ooooh! this does sound intriguing - opening text just draws you in wanting to know more.
Have a good trip to NASA with your family. I heartily recommend dabbling your toes in the ocean and sketching - at the same time mind you - very useful when doing a watercolour!!!

Désirée said...

I posted a answer on my blog that your blog appeared a little random about what and when you published something.

And then you replied that you changed your blog because of my comment.

I hope I didn't say something wrong.

I've always loved your blog, because what you wrote was over all far more interesting than most blogs.

Now, as it seems, I'll get more to read here :-)

Robert A Vollrath said...

Thanks Joan

This is a Eco-science fiction story. I don't believe chemical rockets are way to reach space but I look forward to watching a shuttle lift off with my family.

Robert A Vollrath said...


Both you and Joan Cook help me focus my mind with your comments.

Brain damaged folk like me call it hopping. The unfocused mind is something I fight everyday and this blog helps but I've let it get to random.

Your comment helped.