Friday, July 16, 2010

Doll House Project

My Grand Daughter came over today and wore me out. To keep her out of things I started the Doll House Project in January of this year. I bought her several dolls on sell or at thrift stores. Then I bought her one very used plastic doll house and her parents found three more free plastic doll houses and being the very silly grandpa that I am I'm working on combining all four of the doll houses into one big doll house.


Désirée said...

What a lucky grand-daughter.

But are you sure you need to put them together? Maybe it will let the fantasy flow more freely if you don't?

Robert A Vollrath said...

Its more of a safety and lack of room thing. All the plastic doll houses are broken and fall apart under my grand daughter's weight.

My rebuilding these doll houses as one is something for her to look forward too. She tells me how to rebuild and has put in a order for a tower for tiny Tinkerbell.

Désirée said...

Ouch! Well, that is something else. Sorry.