Friday, July 2, 2010

Painting Exchange and my Broken Brain

I fried my brain on a 3-D movie last night and I've been trying to put my mind back together all day. Some photos of Joan Cooks and mine painting exchange will be coming before the end of the day. 6:02 PM.

Almost midnight and I'm starting another painting because the first painting is a failure. Not yours Joan but mine of the rose pearl.
I'm making a version of your painting with a pixie painting the designs on the petals.

12:40 Saturday morning and I just posted the second photo. I'm just starting to have a little focus again. The 3-D process used on both Avatar and The Last Air Bender does something bad to my mind. I won't be going to anymore 3-D movies.

more to come


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Oh! how exciting to see my sunflowers being painted by a pixie - shows you've picked up on the impish character in me! . Can't wait to see your interpretation fulfilled but with those amazing puppet designs in your previous post, I know its going to be so so good. Is the bottom photo your first interpretation of my original or my original gift to you? - as it seems so accurate in composition and textured markings, but darker in tone and the colours not so vibrant or diverse. Thanks for your recent comment on my sketching weekend.

Robert A Vollrath said...

The bottom photo is your original and looks a little dark because I took the picture without a flash.

On the puppets, I'm going post pictures on the construction of all four puppets.