Monday, June 14, 2010

Writing a Mermaid Scene

I love my grand daughter and my grand daughter loves mermaids. I'm writing a epic love story where fairy tales almost break into the real world time and time again.

So I had to do it. I had to write a mermaid scene into my second feature length script in this epic love story. So I start to research mermaids and I come upon a video that makes me believe in mermaids. This woman in the video is a mermaid.

Hannah Fraser is pure magic as she swims in the ocean with her beautiful hand made mermaid tail. My mermaid scene is inspired by her great underwater swimming as a mermaid.

The first time I saw a mermaid in a story was in a Superman comic book. Superman's collage sweetheart was a mermaid. I had always loved Disney movies until the worst cartoon feature I paid money to see "The Black Cauldron". Then Disney redeemed themselves with "The Little Mermaid". I've spent many happy hours watching that movie with my grand daughter.

So as I wrote the scene I dreamed of Hannah Fraser playing the part. How she took a childhood fantasy and turned it into a job I found fantastic. I wrote to her on Facebook and asked if she had acted in movies and found out she had worked on many productions.

I'll ask my my grand daughter if she wants to email a mermaid. To think the mermaid scene started as my grand daughter cried at a can of tuna that she thought was canned mermaid.

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