Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Best Insect Stories Ever Told

You might have notice a few changes to my blog but I've kept the name. I stole the name fair and square from the title of a painting by my favorite artist. Well maybe not so fair and square but I have her blessing now.

These two children books can be found at Project InSECT and I can't say enough about how great these books are.

I watched the painting of both insects the books are based on and Jessa even made a small mistake in one of the illustrations for book one when I distracted her with my never ending talking. She quickly fixed the small error but I felt a small part of that first book because I bugged the artist a little too much.

James her husband and the man that told her she should paint bugs wrote these two insect stories but in truth they wrote the books together by living a dream. Google, Yahoo or Bing, Project InSECT to learn more about these wonderful children's books.

The Above photos are the copyright of Project InSECT and used with permission.

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Jessa was happy with this post but kept getting a error when she tried to post a comment.