Monday, March 8, 2010

Walking the Graveyard Update

A look through the dead Easter Egg Tree.

The mess looks to clean and to placed. I'm a slob, I'll get there.

The art of a mess, using my oldest son's beer can collection. Don't worry Mark I'm taking good care of them.

The Princess Bed needs a lot of work and the desser doesn't work at all in the room.

A long way from a finished set.

My Grand Daughters doll house as a prop for the movie.


Désirée said...

I like the idea with a dead easter egg tree. Very illustrative.

How do one make it greasy? I've never done it deliberately.

What a great idea to use a bear can collection!

Do you know what views to use so you don't have to do a total makeover or how do these things work?

Robert A Vollrath said...

If you look close at all the junk you'll see a holiday theme running through the set design. My concept is the father is so overcome with grief that he holds on to every holiday that his daughter was part of.

I use cold cream to make grease. That will be done just before filming.

All the cans in the beer can collection have been cleaned so as not create a bad smell.

Once the set design is complete I will be doing a complete story board but as I'm not the director on this movie the final views will not be my call.

I will post the storyboards on this blog.

Robert A Vollrath said...

I missed a question you asked.

I will be doing a total make over of the house as this will give the director more choices.