Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pearl Painting 4th Layer

I think this is the 4th layer of paint. I need to keep better records on my art. I meant to post this yesterday.


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Hi Robert - got round to looking at favourite blogs this morning before off to go shopping in Kings Lynn with my daughter. To see two stages of the pearl is so interesting, but where has that lovely background green and that rich blue in the bottom left corner gone!! You know I love colour and you have blanked it all out. Tell me why?? Its like you are getting deeper and all these bright hues are hidden beneath the surface. Can't wait to receive the final result. The red marks still make it look 'spidery' maybe they will help me get over my phobia of them.

Love the orchid photo and so pleased to see it as your header image.

Robert A Vollrath said...

I was going to change the design and make the legs Bambi like but for some reason I don't understand this seemed like a lie.

Yes the bright colours (I used the the English spelling of colors in your honor) are hidden beneath the surface but will return to give the painting depth.

Even with my soul vision gone these many years I still see colour different than most people.

The orchid photo replaced my failed map of the world which I left up far too long.

As a person with many phobias I fight every day I will try to make Rose Peal less like a spider.