Friday, March 5, 2010

Fear of Failure

Yesterday was a lost day. I has a meeting with my friend Jeff and we talked about many projects.

I'm tired of talking. I just want to do. I must start shooting movies.

A friend wanted my Superman cape from last Halloween for a gag at a party and I couldn't find it in my empire of junk. More wasted time looking for it.

Then this morning I made a fool out of myself on the internet. I left a comment on a post, no that's not true. I left a comment on a comment. No, that not true either. I left a comment on a deleted comment.

Desiree Nordlund wrote this nice post about trust in me and I became paranoid about a deleted comment. The ugly side of my imagination was in full force as I wrote a comment about my fragile ego and my fear of failure.

Why do we waste so much time on fear?

I'm going to produce the best movie I can for her and all that are involved in making her script into a film .

Desiree deleted the comment because it was in Japanese.


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Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Start wearing that positive hat Robert - its the only way forward. You, the real y o u, know what you can achieve - let the world be privy to it.

Look forward to seeing photos of my painting.