Monday, March 8, 2010

One Soul

We are the group mind and the imagination of the individual is our life force. We talk to each other in dreams and moments when our thoughts cross paths. We read the emotions of the eternal soul that paradox binds us to and separates us from the center of all things that aren't things at all.

We are the hunted and the hunter. We are war and peace in the lesser reality that we live in. We are a false God unto ourselves in universe without reason. We are a Goddess that sees the natural world in shallow vision. We are nothing and taste the bitter fruit of nothing.

We hear the lies and don't feel the truth. We know the joy and ignore the pain. We burn with the pain and forget the joy. Fear tears at our soul and makes us souls.

Have hope, for all that is lost is found again.

The above photo is the first digital photo I took and put on this blog by myself.

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