Saturday, December 17, 2011

quantumG and me

I don't want to be a You Tube idiot but I am if you believe quantumG. I believe the United States Air Force has some of the most advanced technology on planet Earth but much of it is hidden from us for Military, Political and Ecological reasons. In my last two videos I speculate on the possibility of a secret atomic rocket. I may be completely wrong but I think putting concepts out to the world beyond the proven is a way to learn for all of us.

I have become a big fan of Epic Future Space on You Tube and when the host of that show called for a video response, I created one asking about cutting edge technology in space exploration. No problem until my second video when I asked Mike about the possibility of the military using Atomic Rockets in secret.

Then the comments come and I am all different kinds of crazy. The mean ugly side of You Tube is in full force. quantumG (his You Tube name) even goes as far as to write that I'm polluting the internet with stupid. I answer all his comments and try to take the high road when I do.

The above screen shot of my last You Tube video shows off my sluggish left eye. Blood is pooling in my eye socket at the time and my vision in that eye was like the flicker of a candle.
At seventeen I was told part of the vision in that eye was gone forever but two years ago I got full vision back in that eye. Since then my brain has had trouble with my new found vision and of late it feels like my body is rejecting my left eye. Needless to say I don't feel good when I made the video.

In video I come off bad as I'm not good in front of a camera. I'm a grumpy old man in the video and even make fun of my self in the title "Epic Space; Ask Mike The Grumpy Old Man Edition."
I leave the video up for a few days and then put it on the private setting. I may delete the video and work on making a better one. I'm not sure what to do.

Maybe I got what I deserved as I've been blunt with my comments on both You Tube and Blogger. I never got to the level of hate speech that quantumG did but writing what you really think isn't always the best way to go.


QuantumG said...

The entire problem here can be summed up in the one word you have used: believe.

When I asked you, admittedly quite aggressively, for your cause for believing such a thing you cited a zany moron who writes about Nazi anti-gravity technology. What evidence do you have?

Robert A Vollrath said...

Well at least you didn't me a zany moron this time.

The best evidence is the many photographs of a contrail coming out of Nevada that looks like a string of small mushroom clouds. As far as I know there is three ways this type of contrail can be formed;

1. Small chemical explosions as in the original Project Orion Experiment.

2. Liquid fuel explosions.

3. Atomic bombs or laser pellets explosions.

I've ruled the first two out because of weight problems and large atomic bombs would cause too much fallout to mask from the public.

I will go into more detail in a video on You Tube.

Laser pellets were made at the Bendix (now Honeywell) plant in Kansas City MO. My father worked there testing electronic parts for atomic bombs, B-2 bombers and at least one of the Space Shuttles. I grew up reading his company news letter.
If you could solve the targeting problem, laser pellets would be the perfect fuel.

I don't believe Nick Cook is a zany moron, what is your evidence? The book isn't just about Nazi anti-gravity ( a silly sci-fi word) but about many secret projects that may or may not be true. I think the worst part of the book is about the Hutchison Effect which I believe is a hoax.

Name calling isn't evidence.

QuantumG said...

Sorry, I must be misunderstanding you. Did you actually just suggest that a contrail is evidence of a nuclear propulsion system? How? As for Nick Cook, yes, he is a crazy person. The evidence that he is a crazy person is that he wrote a book about anti-gravity and continues to insist that the government has secret anti-gravity technology without a shred of evidence to back up his claim.

Robert A Vollrath said...

A type of contrail is evidence for an External Combustion Pulsed Detonation Engine Aircraft .

That aircraft may or may not be nuclear propulsion system.

I can't believe it is TNT bombs that made a short contrail (three pulses) at Jackass Flats in a Nevada Test site in 1959.

The next time there is a contrail of this type seen it is over Denver in !987. A series of sonic booms is heard and there is radio interference.

NASA tested a liquid fuel pulse detonation system using an SR-71. I'll check my facts but I think they used hydrogen as fuel in this short test. Another fuel that has been put forth for such an aircraft is methane. The aircraft would need to be huge to use these two fuels (it may well be).

Laser pellets would be the most powerful fuel for an aircraft of this type with very little fallout.

I've never said I know or I can prove any of this and I don't remember Nick Cook saying he could prove anything he wrote in his book or said in the the two TV movies he hosted. I think by the nature of the book much of what is written in it must be wrong.

Speculation is part of learning. Calling someone crazy or stupid because they believe something you think is impossible or doesn't meet your standard of evidence seems shallow to me.

NASA and Boeing's management must be zany morons by your standards as they have invested money for research into gravity shielding.

Just try to make a argument without calling someone crazy or stupid. I'll even help, look up "contrails with crow in stability".