Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Magic Technology

I've decided to write about things that the readers of this blog will more likely than not refuse to believe. I know someday the secrets I have had the great fortune to be eye witness to, will be revealed to the general public. The how and why of that reveal I can only guess at.

In the 1990's I was in the right place at the right time to witness two impossible looking technologies. The first was a triangular UAP ( Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon ) that I believe was the A-12 Avenger II but could possible be the TR-3A or the TR-3B Black Manta. I knew from the moment I saw the impossibly slow plane that it was some type of military technology but I couldn't understand why the triangle shaped object didn't stall and fall out of the sky at the very slow speed it was going. It didn't sound like a jet plane as it made the sound of a small electric transformer. I was not the only witness to this event.

The second event was the B-2 Bomber turning invisible to the naked eye at a air show at the now closed Richard-Gebaur Air Base. For many years I have wondered if I had a break with reality due to heat of the day or had seen one of the B-2's secrets up close. Two weeks ago I meet a witness that was part the ground crew at that air base during the air show and had seen what I had saw many times over. I now know what I saw was real.

I was sick from the heat and decided to leave the air show at the time the B-2 bomber was going to do a low fly over. I thought no one would be leaving at that time and I wouldn't be sitting in a hot car trapped in traffic after the B-2 fly over. If you look at the above ariel photo of Richard-Gebaur you can see a gray area below main runway at the bottom of the photo. That is were my car was parked. As I walked onto the shallow grass covered valley before the end of the runway the B-2 flew into view with its engines roaring. I was very close as the bomber took up a sixth of my field of view.

The engines roared louder and the B-2 dived down into the valley as if it was going to plow into the parked cars. I braced myself for the coming death as there was no time to run and then the impossible happened. In less than a second as if the bomber had flown into a mirage and the jet plane became invisible. Then I hear a muffled sound of engines. I see something in the sky halfway between where the B-2 vanished and the end of the runway. It was as a piece of the sky was floating away and up over the end of the runway. The B-2 pops back into view and does the flyby down the runway.

The full sound of the B-2 engines comes back the moment it becomes visible.

more to come....

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