Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dining in Hell

I'm dining in Hell. It's my Host Birthday. I look to my right and see a child drawing with an orange and red crayon. The only colors allowed in Hell. A man without papers sits father down the table, a hard worker for sure. His beautiful mate beams across the table with love in her eyes for she needs nothing on paper but hopes to have it soon.

My Host looks at me with a bit of contempt.

"I don't know if you've ever eaten where there is good food?"

I hate hot food. The spices burn my mouth. The food is ruined in my mind but I eat to fit in.

" I've eaten in fine places before."

The Host ignores me. He is surrounded by his friends. That is how it should be. His mate sits by a woman with a pierced nose. There is two other couples present to my left and one half of one of the couples is a man of action. He once wrote that teapots happens. I think his name was Max.

The meal in Hell ends and a small piece of Heaven is found in the laughter of a child.

We drive through a city that a few try to occupy. Too few for me to see.

Then we are in a home. The mother and child are asleep. The host take out a metal cigarette that weed is hidden in. He shows me a magic mushroom and talks about DMT and tells me I have a crutch under my mind. He blows smoke into my face and I fell the effects of the weed.

I hate weed as much or more than spicy food.

I go to sleep and fix the effect of the weed on my mind. A trick I learned during a massive stroke given to me by two doctors. Before I go to sleep I put up a barrier to protect me from Night Terrors. Earlier this year my Host had thrown a Night Terror at me. Something I'll never allow again. I go to sleep.

I am everything and I am nothing. I am you and you are me. I am a woman watching her husband hung in a burning building during the Civil War. I am black. I am a slave.

There is a God and no God can be found. The Goddess binds with God to form the One Soul, the We, I, It of everything. We are the mushroom and the mushroom eaters. We are the hunter and the hunted. We are the raped and the rapist. We are all the good and evil in all the realities imagined and many not yet dreamed of.

I am the severed head in the Guillotine basket and the man that picks the head out of the basket and watches it die with a breathless scream. I am a scribe, a painter, a cameraman, a scam artist that works for a President. I am a liar, a man killed by a woman's knife.

I am the laughing warrior that dies a fool's death for a uncaring mother.

I am in the future living in a giant pyramid covered in crops and forests. I am a robot with two large lens for eyes.

I am a alien life form larger than the Earth. I live floating in a gas giant larger than Jupiter.
I am shaped like a giant button and it begins to rain molten iron on my back from a cloud of metal vapor. I enjoy the cool rain.

I live in the core of a star with skin of molten diamond and a heart of a super magnet. My blood is molten gold.

I am nothing and I spin the universe into something with pure imagination. The politics of facts means nothing to me, for I own nothing and nothing owns me. I try to spin the universe in all directions at once but can't find infinity, I can only add another spin to the universe making it expand and contract at the same time.

You are there with me and I am there with you. We are all pin pricks of God, Goddess and the One Soul. We are all everything and nothing.

I wake from my dream. Dress and leave my host house. I drive home on the endless road that now seems so finite. I'm not sick at my stomach from the hot spicy food I ate in Hell the night before and wonder why.


Nardeeisms said...

"The meal in Hell ends and a small piece of Heaven is found in the laughter of a child"

Such poetry.... and so much profound truth contained in one simple sentence. Many good wishes to you Bob! It's been a while...


Désirée said...

Feels like a bit of a downed earthed comment to your entry, but we have a spice mix called "Death Rain". Under the name it says "feel alive" on the label.

Kind of a contradiction I thought at first. Then I thought of the movie "G.I. Jane" and an officer yelling "pain is good, then you know you are still alive."

The mix is by the way one of the hottest on Earth. But the funny thing about it is that it does not kill the rest of the tastes and it doesn't keep you mouth aflame for hours.

Robert A Vollrath said...


Nice to hear from you. Everything in the story is true but told in a way to protect my Host. I wrote the story as a message to him.

That sentence was good but I didn't think about it as I wrote it. Thanks Nards.


You seemed to answer something that puzzled me that hasn't been written in the story yet. How very strange. I need to finish the story before I comment more.

Désirée said...

Now you made me very curious. I hope to read the rest soon.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Just one word - amazing. So much to ponder and understand about the meaning of life but a bit scary at the same time. Wow. Glad you have Nards and Desiree making such profound contributions to your work.

Robert A Vollrath said...

Hi Joan

Been sick of late as you'll read in my next post.

My dreams scared me as a child but now I see them as lessons.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Sorry about the poor health but that wonderful grand daughter will pull you through.