Saturday, August 7, 2010

Imagination versus the Ugly Ego

For twenty years I thought about designing a Sea Town. Not a town by the sea but a free floating sea town that was part of the sea. I am working on three feature length movie scripts as I write this and the sea town is part of the movie but never spoken about because it is a dream too big for the girl genius in the scripts to dare hope for.

Beside this blog and one of my other blogs (Pardon my Politics) I posted the above photo collage/drawing/painting on two other sites. The Venus Project and Wikia Micro-nations. Positive feedback on The Venus Project but a pretend Dictator using a fake name removed all my postings from Wikia. I knew this was a possibility but from a ugly little ego that plays with hate speech said my work wasn't good enough. No one on the site said anything to him about saying he liked to burn children.

The internet can be beautiful even with all the ugly egos that play in it.

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