Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bang, Bang, Bang!

My parents got a new roof. Three days without rain. Missouri is having a second wet summer in a row. Three dry days and the roofers got the roof finished in three days. Beautiful job but I went a little insane with all the noise. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Great job Early Bird Roofing.

The insurance company (State Farm) didn't treat my parents so well. A lady from Columbia Missouri told my mother in harsh terms she didn't follow the rules to file a clam for hail damage. I picked up the phone to hear what she was saying to my mother and was shocked to hear the hate in the lady's voice.

"I'm her son, don't call back if...."

I'm afraid I wasn't very nice to the lady. I didn't talk long or use curse words but how America treats old people is very sad. She didn't talk down to me but I believe she was trying to bully my mother into keeping her insurance with State Farm.

My mother cried for three hours after the phone call.

The photos are the roofers starting the job and my mother and aunt in the front yard. My aunt is one of the hardest workers I know.

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