Monday, May 17, 2010

The Plan

An idea is like a flower, it can be the start of new life or it can fade and die without anything coming from it.

I have a plan to change the way movies are made. Will it be a new way to produce movies or a dead end? Here are eleven short movies I'm working on.

1. Walking the Graveyard written by Desiree Nordlund and Directed by Jerry White III

A gravedigger finds peace in his own grief.

2. Paralyzed in Paradise written by Desiree Nordlund and Robert A Vollrath. Based on a story by Robert A Vollrath "The Frankenstein Effect".

A man is overdosed on drugs in a mental ward and fights his inner demons to reclaim his life.

3. To Bed a Battle; Concept by Robert A Vollrath.

A Vietnam American woman is hit on by a Marine in uniform at a bar. She turns him down with a story about the battle that conceived her.

4. Divided Soul; Concept by Robert A Vollrath

A Korean man is two souls trapped in a single body. In the womb in the early stages of life he absorbs his twin's body into his own. At 43 his twin comes to him in a dream and demands the last half of his life.

5. Dream Waking; Concept by Robert A Vollrath.

A tribe of Aborigines in Australia wake from reality and see the world in a new dreamtime.

6. Heart Broken; Second draft of script by Robert A Vollrath. I have asked Varun Goyal to write a new opening for this script. Working on contract.

A man's heart stops in his sleep. He wakes to take a walk without a heart beat.

7. Blue Bottles: Working on the 13th draft of script by Robert A Vollrath.

A farm is haunted by four murdered slaves.

8. River of Life; Concept by Robert A Vollrath.

A river is being killed by pollution. The soul of the river fights back.

9. Afterlife Equations; Concept by Robert A Vollrath

A lone survivor of a helicopter crash lays freezing in Antarctica thinking about the possibility of the afterlife.

10. Edge of Eternity; Concept by Robert A Vollrath. Based on a two hour conversation I had with two Skylab Astronauts.

An astronaut falls asleep and dreams she loses her soul in orbit.

11. Infinity Flinched; Concept by Robert A Vollrath

A car wreak separates a man's soul from his body. After a visit to heaven he falls through hell laughing all the way.

12. The Price; First draft Robert A Vollrath. I have asked Nidhi Sharma to write the second draft. Working on contract.

What is the price for returning from death?

I am working on hundreds of scripts. It is an over the top process that seems impossible but it works for me.


Désirée said...


Or maybe gee. . .

I don't know. From my own point of view it is way too much at one time.

But I'm not you. And we have different processes.

Some of these concepts seem very interesting, but I think that part of your idea is to spread the work over the world considering the different locations, right? So, since I'm already a writer in two of these shorts, I leave it to you to tell me if you want me to write anything more.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

That sounds a very busy schedule Robert. The Vietamese twin souls sounds particularly interesting to me, as many do.

Robert A Vollrath said...


I am moving away from being a writer-director to being a producer and spreading the work around the world is part of that process. In this list of short scripts I did not include a project I have written you about because I'm working on a new contract for you.

I hope to have the funding to buy an original feature from you someday.

Robert A Vollrath said...


The twin soul story is based on a friend who was a twin trapped in one body. She had double kidneys and other health problems.

I have hundreds of projects on the back burner as I work towards a new type of studio system.