Sunday, May 16, 2010

Heart Broken

Yesterday my son called me with a plan. A mission to see one of the last space shuttles to lift off for space with three generations of Vollraths going to view the end of that program.

The above photo you see my Grandson Denver and Austin a friend of the family. Really Austin is part of our family, not by blood but by love. Austin is moving away and I will miss him as much as I miss my Grandson.

I just finished the second draft of a script called Heart Broken. The story is about a time I was heart broken in love and my heart stopped longer than I thought possible. It is based on my 2008 story "I was a Heart Broken Zombie" that appears in this blog.

I've been heart broken because of grandson. Half a heart filled with joy because of my grand daughter and half a heart filled with sadness because I miss my grandson.

Now I plan to journey to fill in the space between a broken heart.

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