Monday, May 17, 2010

Black Void Visions

The above photo is a mistake. A person bumped me in a museum when I was taking a picture of an Oscar. This blurred image reminds me of the start of what I call a Black Void Vision.

I've had four Black Void Visions in my lifetime.

1. The Burning House; I see a home burn three hours before the house burns to the ground.
2. Falling Skywalks; I see skywalks fall in a hotel two weeks before the tragic loss of life.
3. Hung Slaves: I see four hung slaves in a vision of the past.
4. The Body; I see a dead woman in a location I know hours before the police find her body.

Two visions were of the future. One was of a forgotten past. One was of a hidden present.

Why did I have these visions?

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