Sunday, August 2, 2009


Can't sleep. Worried I don't remember how to direct a narrative movie. Keep thinking of things I need to cut out of the script. Need sleep.


иidhi S said...


Its good to get a li'l rest ans sleep, it stresses you and clears up the clutter in you mind.
Have a peaceful sleep. Gnite sweet dreams. tc. :)

Robert A Vollrath said...

My movie went beyond all hope for a good production. My cast and crew knocked out 12 pages of script in less than four hours.

I think everyone had fun and all my stress was for nothing.

I'm getting some sleep now:)

иidhi S said...

W-O-W... Coooolll

Thats great news...Congrats..!!! an dbest of luck :))

Désirée said...

Good work! I knew you could do it. It is natural to be nervous.

Robert A Vollrath said...

Thanks for the comments nidhi S and Desiree. Now I just have to finish the movie. I'm a slow editor with a new computer and editing program:)

I'm not going to stress over post production.