Monday, August 17, 2009

Laughing Heaven

I had a vision and then another. My imagination is evolving towards the positive and the Red Dragon that was my anger died.

The second vision was a life without anger. A vision of peace within myself.

In the last few weeks, I've been called the greatest of all losers by a young man behind my back and slandered to my face by a friend of the richest woman of the area I live in.

I am still slandered by the rich and powerful at their dinner parties and that no longer has any effect on me. I have went from anger to pity for such silly word of mouth games and now don't even find humor in such stupidity.

To those who slander me;
Your millions and billions of dollars are worthless imaginary constructions that have no value in the afterlife. Perhaps you see me as the poor and uneducated man that has no right to speak against your grand plans of wealth and control. I am no better than you but you are no better than me. All life is equal in the universe and has value beyond any false wealth or trivia.

The same young man called the woman I love the meanest name that can be cast down upon the female ego. I almost became angry and then somehow turned from this anger and walked the path of forgiveness.

In this same time period of three weeks, my 80 year old mother had an accident and lost a quarter of her teeth destroying her beautiful smile. My mother's sister in an act of cruelty tricked my mother into going to the farm office to sign papers that didn't need signing so her broken smile would be seen in public. My mother and aunt own a farm together and over the years since my grandmother died I've seen this cruelty from both my aunt and uncle many times.

I didn't get angry at my aunt but only felt the deepest of pity for her.

At 51 years of age I'm finally growing up. How heaven must laugh at the folly that is life.

I've went down the wrong path in life too many times. I've done the negative thing because I felt the positive way was too hard or won't be as popular. I was lying to myself.

I must tell positive stories that will inspire people and not mock people with different belief systems. As I edit my last movie I know it was a wrong turn but I will finish it and enter it in film festivals as I owe it to the actors that worked on the movie.

I will do a collection of short movies about Heaven. It will be a path towards the positive.


Désirée said...

Positive thinking - that's the path! Great post, Robert.

Robert A Vollrath said...