Thursday, October 23, 2008

like a stone

Death is starting to lose any meaning to me. No I'm not thinking of suicide but of past lives.

I skip like a stone on an eternal pond.

Peace is with me now and no one can hurt me anymore. No one can hurt my ownership of nothing.

My soul is the only thing I ever owned or ever will.

Life is like a stone thrown by the eternal one.

The stone flies through the air as my soul flows through the void.

The stone impacts with water and skips. My soul impacts with life and skips.

I skip in and out of life like the stone skips on and off of water.


Désirée said...

Interesting. Beautiful. Strange.
Thank you.

Désirée said...

Strange. Beautiful. Surreal.

Thank you.

Lottery Girl said...


I was just listening to a tape of the teachings of Confucius. Your entry reminds me of something he said: "Man can kill me, but not the truth that is in me."

Karin said...

What a peace filled calming post for me to skip upon at this moment. Thank you for re-minding me. I haven't been skipping as much as clunking and sinking, like a poorly flung stone across too choppy waters! Beautifully written, and I hope it's a feeling that has stayed with you.

Robert A Vollrath said...

Desiree, Lottery Girl and Karin thanks for the great comments.

Many years ago I planted a seed of truth that uncovered a level of corruption that is unknown to most people. That seed is about to give the fruit of my labor.

I still don't know when or if the public will ever known the truth but I have hope the truth will come out soon.

'like a stone' was written because I think about the death treats I received and how I would miss this life filled with family and friends.

I find I can not turn my back on the truth no matter happens to me.

I hope that truth will be seen in a movie I worked on.

Désirée said...

There where two comments by mistake. Blogger said that my comment could not be saved (no connection to server). So I returned later. Obviously both came through.

Robert A Vollrath said...

Sorry about that Desiree.

I try to make sure I don't have double comments on this blog but sometimes I make mistakes.

If you want I'll try to edit out one of the comments. I'm working on several projects right now and just came back from a long road trip. I was a little out of it when I put your comments up.

On top of that my computer was hacked a couple of months ago and access to this blog is harder for me now.