Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I've Lost It

I'm always losing stuff.


Désirée said...

What you told about reminded me of "mucklor". In a very popular child book series in Sweden called Pettson & Findus it is the "mucklor" who move things. Pettson is a single gentleman passed his prime years and Findus is his cat. Pettson can't see the "mucklor" but Findus can. And Findus can talk - but rarely does so to other than Pettson. So Pettson could just as much be a silly man talking to his cat and his hens - that is what the neighbours thing. But Pettson is a man that belive in play and imagination. And of course, in the books Pettson is the smart one, and the neighbours who doesn't get it. Cordelia would love those stories I'm sure.

Robert A Vollrath said...

Pettson & Findus, I look forward to reading it to my Grandchildren.