Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bad Light

People riot for high priced shoes made by child labor half a world away. Grown men keep child rape a secret for years because they worship a game. A fool thinks he's winning when all he is doing is eating his own ego. So much for the headlines of last year.

This year my government is banning the incandescent light bulb (100 watt) and I feel this is as dumb and vile as anything I read last year. Tomorrow I go to buy some LED bulbs as I hate the poor light from CFL bulbs.

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Désirée said...

LED lights are the future. I'm sure of it. But they are so far not as strong/bright.

Oldfashioned lightbulbs are nothing but waste of energy and enviroment (they contain lead you know).

The other low energy lamps are also difficult for enviroment (mercury instead) but at least they consume less energy for the same light and last longer than the oldfashined bulbs, so there are less dangerous material to handle.

But as far as I know the LED lights do not have this problem. And you could get any color you like.

Robert A Vollrath said...

The CFL bulbs are bad for many reasons and aren't a solution but another problem. The power I use in my home comes from burning methane from pig and cow manure at a near by power plant.

The way we make power is the problem and not how much we use. Every home and building should make its own power and we have the technology to do this now.

CFL bulbs don't put out the same amount of light and create what is called "dirty electricity" which are bad for humans to be near and hard on many hand held devices.

I see at a higher rate of speed than most people and can see the flicker in CFL bulbs. I have floaters in my left eye that I can see under CFL light. CFL bulbs make me sick. As I'm older and my vision is getting weaker, the CFL don't work for me.

I'm working on building a bank of LED lights to be powered by my movements in a work space.
I imagine that project will be done in 2015.

I believe that is the future.

Désirée said...

There are no such thing as "dirty electricity", Robert. The electricity in the cables are the same after it passed through a CFL bulb. (As a matter of fact there is hardly anything passing in the first place.)

It is a myth created by people who cannot stand change and has come to belive that lightbulbs are purer and more natural than any other light source. And most of all they belive that all changes are for bad and it scares the shit out of them.

If you refer to electomagnetic fields there are no such thing as "dirty" and "clean" in this area either. Either there are an electromagnetic field or there isn't. One is no healthier than the other.

But as I said I put great hope to the LED technique.

Robert A Vollrath said...

The scientific community is on your side Desiree.
Over 25,000 studies versus Magda Havas.
You may be right and this is a matter of how I see the world and not how CFL bulbs work.

CFL bulbs are bad light for me. I don't like my government making choices for me when they have no rational energy plan.

CFL bulbs have affected sound recordings I've made in movie productions. That is what I mean by "dirty electricity". I thought that was a common term and didn't know it had an "Anti-Gravity" ring to it. I've been using the term "dirty electricity" since the 1970s to describe the effects of one electrical device on another.

Throughout the history of Science one lone "crank" has changed the world. Magda Havas may be right.

Désirée said...

Aha, "Dirty electricity" as you use it are magnetic fields and similar. Those are very real. I've seen a small electrical engine go bananas when you held a cellphone close to it. I've no opinion about the health effects, but I've seen that things can happen close to them. All electric things have a field around them, so it is not specific electric items.

Robert A Vollrath said...

Yes magnetic fields. I enjoyed your comments.

Electrical Continuing Education said...

I've been reading a lot of issues about CFLs and the danger it may bring. I don't know if I already need to change my bulbs at home. All of my bulbs are CFLs. My contractor who took his Contractor Continuing Education said that LED is much better to use.

Robert A Vollrath said...

I don't think the CFL bulbs effect everyone the same way. I'm the only member of my family that is bothered by the bulbs. The CFLs may effect everyone in some way but some of us are more sensitive to the bulbs.

Note I used the label, "Finding my own Truth" and not "Truth" on this post.

Another problem for me is I live in a poor county and bad products are often dumped in our stores so most or all the CFLs I've bought may be defective in some way. Many of the first bulbs I bought only lasted a few weeks.