Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lost Parents

A man and a woman sometimes calls on the phone.

One is a father and the other is a grandmother.

They want to know where their children are?

I ask for contact information to give to the mother of the children and they turn the phone off.

I do not know you but you should know me. I will die before I would endanger the life of a child.

Give me the contact information or stop calling.

To the man. I never back down to a bully. Be polite when you call and have the courage to speak when you call.


Carol said...

This is the mother of the children in the blog......and this is to the ones who are trying to contact him.....Leave your information so that I may investigate and decide whether or not you can contact them. Stop harassing this poor man. He has not done anything to deserve that. He is only trying to protect YOUR CHILDREN. I would be happy to speak with you or possibly even email you. Just stop threatening him. I would eventually like to know where you are, but I can't if you won't give him a phone number or an email. Please, be safe. I have been worrying about you. I hope that you can understand this. I hope you also know that they do love you. Please give him the information he needs so he can relay it back to me. Thank you. God Bless!!!

Robert A Vollrath said...

Thanks Carol

To the father. I don't know if you realize how you sound on the phone but I have stop posting photos of my grandchildren on this blog because of your phone calls.

I'm going to make my next post about you making contact with your children. I will post my address on this blog for two weeks and you can contact me by mail. I will give your information to Carol only and make no copy of it and give it to no one else.

I do not know were my former wife Jackie Goss lives and contact her through my sons or see her and Carol Goss only once or twice a year. Carol and I have only meet a few times in our lives.

Please understand I do not want to keep you from seeing your children.