Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Carol Goss & Jackie Goss

I've decided not to post my address so a family can be in contact with their children.

Call and leave your contact information and I'll get it to the mother of your children.

Be nice when you call.

Because of a series of phone calls I won't be posting photos of my family or family events on this blog.


Désirée said...

This sounds like a nasty situation. Based on what you have written here and previous post on the subject, it could be almost any weird position, from both parts. I guess you have written this to the persons calling and that they are reading this blog; because these fragments just pokes my imagination, rather then tell a story. I hope it sorts out.

Robert A Vollrath said...

I'll write you a private email explaining what is going on.

I'm afraid of making things worst by saying too much on this blog.

AngelicMelodies25 said...

Robert please let me or Jackie know if they call again. I am worried about him. Thank you for not giving much away. I appreciate it.