Sunday, January 9, 2011

She makes me a better person

I was given the gift of a Granddaughter and she has made me a better person. Before she was born I was quick to anger and now when I am tempted by my inner demons, I think of her and a calm comes over me.

"What would Cordelia think if she saw her Grandpa in anger?"

A few times she has seen me in anger and I was so ashamed of myself. She with my Grandson Denver are the miracles in the last pages of my life. There is nothing better than the laughter of your grandchildren.

I remember the second day of her life when I first saw her.

"I must become a better person."

She makes me a better person.


Nardeeisms said...

Beautiful Robert...Just beautiful!


Nardeeisms said...

Beautiful Robert!! Just beautiful!!
My, she has grown!!!


Robert A Vollrath said...

Thanks Nards

I just saw her a few hours ago and she makes me feel so loved.