Saturday, January 1, 2011


With apologies to Google for posting their wonderful New Year's heading, I start the New year out with a new business.

In December 2010 I started a vintage and custom toy business. I have six movies I want to produce this year and I need to raise money for those movies.

I have given up on the city of my birth and have vowed never to make a movie in Kansas City, Missouri again. The criminal elite of that city will never get my business.

I hope to move to a place with better air this year and I believe we as a species need to stop burning fossil fuel.

As I write this I am hours away from finishing my Trilogy of Movie Scripts. I've been working on this project since 1995.

Happy New Year!


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

How wonderful to hear from you again and read your plans for the future. Glad the trilogy is coming to an end so that it will free you up. Best wishes from your English pal Joannie. BTW I am now on flickr so you can see more images of my work at a glance without all the text.

horse and moon said...

Happy new year !!!

many wishes for your future plans :)

Désirée said...

Happy New Year!

I see an interesting future ahead. Good luck and best wishes.