Sunday, April 4, 2010

Set walk through #1

Forgive the quality of this video as I had the camera set up for bright sunlight and forgot to change the settings. The three rooms of the oldest house in Kingsville Missouri are seen in this video as the sets for "Walking the Graveyard. "

To Jerry J White III and Desiree Nordlund (The director and writer of the movie) any feedback positive or negative is welcomed. The director Jerry has the final word. I believe that a director must have the final word for any movie to work.

Joan Cook, your next painting update will have a twist to it that will dove tail directly into this movie.

Jerry asked me to dress the living room as a additional set. This wasn't part of the script but our kitchen is too small to play the whole scene out. The bike has moved to the living room replacing a couch that I don't have. I've decided to make the living room a mess too.

As a producer you must trust your director and when the time comes step back and leave him alone to do his (or her) work.

I wonder if anyone outside a few friends read this blog. This blog is becoming boring with set design but there is my focus at the moment and so I must tell the tell of telling a story with objects.

You can hear the train noise in this video, which is a problem with this location.


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

It was good looking at the way one has to create the sets to fit the story and wonder where all the Christmas lights come into it. Look forward to finding out where my painting fits in and seeing it finished - presumably hanging on the wall somewhere. Like the voiceover - assume it is yours. Has a nice soft drawl and sounds quite young.

Désirée said...

I like the set. The kitchen seems rather small, so I understand if the living room needs to be used as well.

It really looks like a home of the guy in my script.

Robert A Vollrath said...


I'm not sure about the Christmas lights myself. In less than three hours I'm doing a walk through with the director. I'm going to let him decide if the Christmas lights stay in.

Yes that's my voice.


Thanks, I'm trying to stay true to your script.