Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Director Speaks

Forgive the bad sound at the end and some missing footage. I got to close to a electric furnace blower motor and it ruined part of the sound. I don't know how I lost the footage of Jerry talking about switching the Easter Egg Tree with the refrigerator but I did.

Joan, your painting exchange story with appear on this post as soon as a spring storm passes.

More to come....

Joan Cook painted the sunflower painting seen in three of the above photos. With her permission I want to use the painting in the living room movie set.

Next Post; its all about the paintings.


Lydia said...

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Désirée said...

I really love to hear all great ideas and listen to your inspired voices.

I mean, it's so cool and great and thrilling that someone wants to do so much work based on a few pages I've written. It's still hard to get, but I'm very happy.

Robert A Vollrath said...

I'm glad you like the concepts Jerry and I are playing with.

I'll email you with more details when I have the time. Very busy next few days.